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Business For Sale

This profitable business is now offered for sale. Owner has other interests to pursue and would like to hand it off to another interested and motivated entrepreneur.

This business was established in 2010 with 10 parts and has now grown to over 500 parts with sales worldwide. There are no walk in customers to deal with. All business is handled over the internet. You can work from your garage, one small room or even a closet. Work when you want to. There's no time clock to punch or boss to deal with. Can be done with just a few hours work a week. I've averaged about 3 hours a day at most.

It's great to wake up and find you have more money in your account! The shopping cart is fully automatic. The customer places their order and pays with PayPal. You get an email that says you have money. You login to the cart and see what the order is, pack it and ship it. USPS will even pick the order up at your door! How easy is that!?

You can move this business with a pickup truck or small U-Haul truck or even ship it by mail anywhere in the world. You are responsible for shipping this business to yourself. I'll help load certainly. Cash purchase will include 6 months of technical support. All the tricks and secrets are included to make an easy transition to profits for you. Nothing will be held back.

The bottom line is this business makes good money and has an excellent return for the effort put into it. It still has a great deal of room to grow if you have the interest and energy to make it happen.

The sale of this business includes all of the inventory, website, shopping cart, supplier contacts, special tooling when needed, instructions on how to make any special parts and 6 months of help to get you transitioned to being a successful owner.

Serious inquires only please. Don't just send a note asking how much. You'll need over $.. K to make this happen.

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